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tv   The Rundown With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  July 15, 2015 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, coming to you live from mexico city and developing right now on the rundown, we're getting our first look at two incredible pieces of video in the dramatic prison escape. authorities in mexico released this footage appearing to show the moment el chapo escaped. you see him pacing and looking beyond the partition wall by the shower. then he crouches behind the wall and finally disappears through a hole at least through a tunnel authorities say he used to escape. and this this is the first video we're getting from inside that underground tunnel. running one mile from the prison. the elaborate passage way fully ventilated and wide enough for him to zoom through on a motor bike. mark potter is outside the
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prison where el chapo escaped. how would you describe the tunnel? >> reporter: well, it struck us when we went into the opening area of the tunnel that this was very very well constructed. we found the opening of the tunnel in the house about a mile from here that the tunnel connects to this prison and we went in the tunnel at the house. you walk into this partly constructed house. there's a square hole in the middle of a dirt floor and that's where you pop into the tunnel. there's another dropoff into a deeper dropoff into the tunnel that goes the mile to the prison. very well built, lot of effort put into it. it was done apparently to allow chapo to ride out of the prison. ride out of jail. >> this video released by the mexican government shows chapo
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on a security camera in his cell the night he escaped just before 9:00 p.m. he can be seen pacing going in and oust shower stall where the tunnel entrance is. finally he bends down and goes out of the camera's view and disappears. tuesday mexican authorities recorded video of the tunnel entrance and went into the tunnel itself where an old motorcycle with a cart can be seen on a set of tracks. mexican officials tell nbc news chapo laid on the cart and pulled through the tunnel carrying the billionaire drug lord to this partially constructed house a mile away. >> what's most impressive there are steel beams and wood and electricity. this is a generator to run all of the lights we're told. this is an electrical panel. if you look over here this is the equipment that's used to bring the mud up and over here more equipment and then over here is the main tunnel main shaft going down to the tunnel heading over towards the prison. >> following his escape the
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chicago crime commission once again named guzman public enemy number one. >> with a powerful drug leader like chapo, when they are repatriated with the cartel often times there is hell to pay. >> u.s. officials say the tent cals reach from the mountains of western mexico into more than a thousand u.s. cities distributing heroin cocaine and methamphetamine methamphetamine. >> it is tremendously significant to the united states and our safety and well being. >> reporter: many blame guzman cartel for much of the u.s. heroin epidemic for contributing to that in a big way, growing quite dangerously. it's one more reason he's once more considered most wanted on
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both sides of of the u.s./mexican border. jose. >> mark potter thank you very much. we want too go to a developing story out west. in two hours a jury will begin deliberations in the colorado movie theater shooting trial. jurors will decide when james holmes was sane when he open fire killing 12 people and injuring 70 others. holmes' attorneys argue he was mentally ill and not capable of knowing right from wrong. scott cohen joins us with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, jose. this jury, nine women, three men, has a task ahead of it now of going through 165 counts and these are the jury instructions that the jury will take in with them. in the first phase, they are just looking at whether he is guilty or whether he was insane at the time of these murders back in 2012.
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he's admitted that he did it the question is whether he was sane. and the jury has to decide whether he was capable of knowing right from wrong, as you said or whether he suffered from a mental disease or defect that made it impossible to form basic criminal intent. the outcome then if he's found guilty would be that they go to a penalty phase. if he's not guilty by reason of insanity, he would be sent to a state psychiatric hospital for an indefinite period of time although it is mentions inned jury instructions there's a procedure for him to be released. if he's guilty of murder with no death penalty, number of lesser included charges here it is life in prison without parole. if he is found guilty of capital murder of course he could face the death penalty, which is what the prosecution is asking for. colorado has a sort of inconsistent record on death penalty. since it was reinstated four years ago, there's only been one execution in the state. >> scott cohen, thank you very
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much for that report. now to the nuclear deal with iran and president obama's next big challenge, which is selling it to skeptical lawmakers. setting up a press conference for 1:00 this afternoon. he also sat down with "new york times" tom freedman to layout his case for the deal. he warned the real impact won't be felt for years and aligned himself with other notable deal makers from history, including ronald reagan and richard nixon. >> i had a lot of differences with ronald reagan but where i completely admire him was his recognition that if you were able to verify agreements that you would negotiate with the evil empire. i had a lot of disagreements with richard nixon, but he understood there was the
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prospect, the possibility that china could take a different path. you test these things. >> president is facing hard questions about the deal, for example, it lasts for just 15 years. after that iran can expand the nuclear program at will even while the deal is in place. inspectors that are supposed to keep an eye on what's happening can be delayed for weeks. chris jansing joins me this morning. what more do we know about the president's efforts to answer his skeptics? >> he's ready to take them on full bore. one of the first phone calls was to called netanyahu and it's now secret how he feels about the deal. he's going to stand before reporters today and answer questions because he believes he can defend this deal. now on what level is the question and he has made it very clear that the bar for getting this deal was does it keep for
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the length of the deal iran from getting a nuclear weapon and by that measure, he believes that there is no alternative as we heard from of his surrogates going out yesterday, that was their point, consider the alternative. the alternative is that we continue to have the possibility of a nuclear iran, something that we're not willing to accept. there are still very tough questions obviously that he's going to have to face. questions about the nonnuclear weapons aspect of this the lifting ballistic missiles and what happens to the money. white house officials acknowledge by opening up oil and other areas of the economy, it could bring in billions of dollars to support terrorism, to support our enemies. but again, consider the alternative is what we hear from the white house and from the president. we also need to look at the strategy of what's he's doing. he doesn't think he's going to win over republicans.
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first of all, those who have been very vocal about this from the beginning, the white house says they understand there was no deal they were going to able to make they thought they could support. you're in the middle of a hotly contested political system. there's 15 republican presidential candidates so much of the focus behind the scenes those phone calls and visits as we saw this morning with vice president biden are going to be with skeptical democrats, particularly those who may have large jewish populations and in new york and who are going to ask tough questions and who have not come out one way or another on this deal. jose. >> chris jansing at the white house, thank you very much. some of the criticism is harsh. one lawmaker called the deal weak and dangerous and said the administration has caved to the iranian regime. those are the words that florida congressman ileana ross
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lehtinen. here's what he said. >> the notion that somehow we would be better off if we did not have this deal assumes either that we could sustain these sanctions and squeeze them so hard that ultimately they capitulated and there's no expert i've spoken to that thinks that or alternatively that ultimately the only way to solve this problem was militarily. >> congresswoman, the president is saying is there deal better than having no deal at all? >> i disagree with the plan that the president laid out. those choices are false ones. first of all that we should have kept with the original six u.n. security council resolutions which called for no enrichment and called for and demanded a ceasing of all centrifuges and all enrichment of all -- all of
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the nuclear infrastructure would have to come down. that's what we would have stuck by, to have him say that we had no other alternative. yes, stick with what we had already done six tough resolutions which were working and really destroying the iranian economy so that they could not build up all of the nuclear super power to have the money for terror and i think it's very important to point out the sanctions relief. iran is going to get billions of dollars, jose what are they going to use that money for? not only to continue with the nuclear work but also to fund terrorist groups like hamas and hezbollah trying to destroy our democratic ally the jewish state of israel. this is a dangerous deal because it gives -- it gives -- lifts all of the ban on conventional arms and all arms -- there's no more ban on arms in that area. what do you think saudi arabia
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is going to do and all of the neighbors will build up their arsenal to. the ballistic missile technology, there's going to be a suspension of that as well. this is dangerously naive of the president to lay it out that way. >> congresswoman, the president brought in historical i guess, something that happened which was that ronald reagan dealt with the soviet union, the evil empire as president obama recalled president reagan calling him and yet he was able to sit down and take step by step negotiations that in the final analysis helped the united states and many say caused the demise of the soviet union. isn't this a important step instead of going in militarily which is the other option if iran says no i don't want to do it. >> first of all, that military option is a false choice also of the obama administration. he says it's either this deal or going to war. that's totally farce cal.
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and to have him in any way compare himself to ronald reagan or to richard nixon, who were strong leaders, whatever you thought of them they bargained from a position of strength. what president obama is doing is negotiating and conceding from a position of weakness. he is no ronald reagan and no richard nixon. what he does is give whether it's a castro regime or supreme leader in iran what they want dough the concessions and i worry for israel now, jose. because israel will now be pushed to make a bad deal with the palestinians and i congratulate israel for standing up to this president. i think the united states congress will vote no on this bill and override our veto. we understand that but it's important to take a principled stand. this is a bad deal for u.s. national security interest and make us less safe rather than more safe. no comparison between president obama's -- anything goes deals
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with richard nixon, trust but verify. we don't trust and verify with iran we consult with them before we inspect anything. >> congresswoman, thank you very much for your perspective. >> i hope you find el chapo. >> that's the big story here in mexico. and the entire country is looking for him. it doesn't seem easy. >> he's going to be in a secret location in iran. >> thank you. a reminder we'll have a live coverage at 1:00 p.m. eastern time. you won't want to miss that. today's rundown includes perspectives on the other side as well. there are members of congress who say they support this. we're going to be speaking to some of those members here this morning. we're just getting started on this wednesday edition of "the rundown." live in mexico city where is el chapo. fight against isis heating up as iraqi forces try to push the group out of anbar province.
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now to the fight with isis and big new push this week by iraqi forces to try to retake anbar province the western part of iraq overrun by islamic terrorists. it want to bring in retired jack jacobs. always a pleasure to see you. let's talk about this thing in iraq. it's interesting because you have shiites and kurds and iraqi troops fighting in the sunni area.
6:19 am
can they work together? >> history demonstrates that they can't but there are ways to control the action on the ground. one is to have a u.n. teary command, which is the iraqi government. the second thing is to divide the area into zones shiites in one area and kurds in another and sunnis in yet a third. to make those boundaries work. in theory this could work. control is going to be extremely difficult, however and fighting in urban areas the most difficult place in order to fight, but it's sort of like the old gag about the dog he chases the car, what does he do once he catches it? the real action will take place after fallujah and ramadi are taken. how are they going to krom the area when you've got mostly shia as the attacking force and mostly sunni in the area that they've taken. it always takes more resources to hold on to an area once you get it and then there are always those old animosities that go back 1300 years.
6:20 am
the u.n. teary command has to find a way to control that after the regions are taken. >> colonel, when we see this map, it's pretty striking just how many black isis flags there are. that's just in iraq. if we go towards the left of that map into syria, you've gotten tire chunks of that country that are under isis control. how difficult is it going to be as far as command and control of an area that is so largely controlled by a group that is very united? >> that is a problem. we have a frag meanted enemy in theory, you can take them out piecemeal but you have to control the area once you've got it. you need a strong central command, which the iraqis do not have. it's going to be a real problem and take more resources to hold on to each of these areas once they are taken. don't forget isis is outnumbered by the good guys. it's going to take more resources, iraqis will have to put in more resources.
6:21 am
i'm not convinced they have them nor do they have the control in order to hold on to these areas once they've got -- administration is really really hard after the war. >> yeah colonel jacobs thank you for being with me. after the break, we zoom through today's other top stories, beachgoers in massachusetts take mercy on a great white shark, only 7 feet. we have amazing video. the shark actually survives plus, it's amazon versus walmart in a battle of online retailers, but will you be the one who emerges victorious at the end of today? we'll explain on "the rundown." you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new
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offering sales they say bigger than black friday. some examples include a $115 for a 40-inch television and roomba vacuum less than 300 bucks. that's the vacuum that vacuums itself. not to be youts done walmart offering rival sales. it started after midnight and courtney reagan joins me this morning. i guess the big question here how are they going to make money off of all of this? >> the interesting thing with amazon amazon doesn't necessarily care about making money or at least not making profitability. it's a company that really continues to want to dominate and grab market share in whatever area that is whether it's selling merchandise or movies or photo storage. for amazon it's not about making money. when we asked them what the incentive is they sort of will tell you it's to excite prime members but some theories are that it's to get rid of some inventory that may be overstock, perhaps a liquidation sale.
6:26 am
other folks say it's to reinvig rate the prime shopper that pays $99 per year to be a member to be able to do this beyond the 30-day free trial. you seem to get a lot of prime members during the holiday season from estimates from outside groups because we don't know how many prime members amazon actually has. some theories think it's to get more folks to sign up in a nonholiday time. will amazon make money? i don't think they care about making money. >> what a weird thing that a company says -- it doesn't say it but didn't worry about the immediate making money aspect of it. >> you know what they do say it as a matter of fact. jeff bezos says we're about growing and scaling and serving customers, not really about the shareholders and making money. it's a very interesting concept. >> there are some good deals. >> there are but i think you have to cherry pick and some quantities will be limited. it's not necessarily the entire website is discounted.
6:27 am
so you kind have to do your research and make sure prices aren't lower because a lot of these are following each other. if a price gets lowered on one, another website could move the price lower on its own because computers are controlling it. >> courtney reagan thanks good to see you. >> another maker retailer also in the news today, fao schwartz's flag ship store is closing but not for good. it can't afford rent any longer at the new york city it has been at for 30 years. instead they hope to find a new location to reopen next year. you may remember this famous scene from the movie "big" when tom hanks played the giant keyboard, it's one of those places you have to go when you go to new york. sad to see them close. we'll be right back. you can call them anytime you feel like saving money. it don't matter, day or night. use your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, whatever. the point is you have options.
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a look now at the new york stock change for today's opening
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bell. we'll be closely watching the markets this morning especially in the next hour when janet yellen testified before congress. dramatic new video appearing to show the moment when the most wanted drug lord escaped from a maximum security prison. this is the video of el chapo in his prison cell pacing and sitting in his bed. he walks to the shower area where a partition blocks the view of the camera. he then -- you've got to watch this. he actually ducks out and you don't see him again. inside a hole that leads to a one-mile long underground tunnel that authorities say he used to escape. we're also getsing our first look inside the skillfully built tunnel reinforced with wood and metal beams an lights, enough for him to zoom through on a motor bike. they are offering a $3.8 million reward for his capture.
6:32 am
guzman and his cartel are the largest supplier of heroin in the united states. let me bring in vermont governor, made heroin and drug abuse a top priority in his state. thank you for being with me this morning. >> it's great to be with you. >> let's look at the numbers. 35 deaths in your state in 2013 as a result of heroin abuse. nearly 1,000 people being treated for abusing the drug. you devoted your entire 2014 state of the state address to the issue. how many progress has been made since then? >> we're making progress but this is a problem throughout america and this escape that you're just referring to one of the leading drug lords of the world, what's basically happened is that when we approved oxycontin and painkillers of that nature and handed them out with what i call irrational exuberance, it's nothing but
6:33 am
heroin in pill form. it's an open yat. you get a procedure and they give you 80 and sent out the door when you might need one or two or perhaps none. we created a self-fulfilling challenge where folks become addicted to the pills. then they get sent to cheaper heroin which they snort and end up shooting. the most addictive substance you can get a hold of. it's a terrible challenge for every governor and every state in america. >> you have drug cartels able to change and become much more -- they quickly can change. if they need more heroin to be exported to the united states they produce more heroin and doing meth and marijuana and cocaine. how can we as a country deal with this? it seems like it's two different
6:34 am
issues, it's the health issue and drug cartels that exist. and there are international drug organizations. >> well these organizations -- let's take the escape you're referring to. this guy is part of a most powerful drug network in the world. they are the source for heroin all over america. most is coming in from mexico and south america, through mexico. this cartel controls most of it. these guys are the steve jobs steve jobs of drug trafficking. in other words, they've got this down to a science. when we started decriminalizing marijuana in this country, mexico used to be the source for marijuana. the bottom fell out of that market. they saw an opportunity as americans became addicted to painkiller pills to be able to grow poppies and replace marijuana growth with poppy growth, more powerful more profitable and move into that market in a very sophisticated
6:35 am
way. the notion that we as governors enlaw enforcement can win this by the old way, by somehow choking off the supply these folks are so far ahead of us that i think most governors and people dealing with the crisis understand it's unlikely we're going to choke off the supply. so what we've got to do instead is rethink how we're dealing with these drugs in america. what that means is deal with it as the health care crisis that it is, rethink how we're dealing with pain and pain medication and if we keep handing the stuff out like candy, we'll have more and more heroin addicts in america and have an open and honest conversation about how we turn this from law enforcement challenge saying this is your problem, go out and fix it instead to one where we say, this is a health care crisis and we have to get the folks into treatment and get them back to work and get them back on more solid path to a brighter future and find ways to choke off the supply by getting folks to understand this is a debilitating disease that will
6:36 am
destroy your life and destroy your family and drive you into crime. we've got to do more prevention. >> and governor thank you for being with me. this is such an important conversation we're having this morning. i appreciate your perspective, so important. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> now i want to go to greece where dissent over the latest bailout deal is growing hours before the vote in parliament. part of the public transportation came to a stand still this morning and pharmacies are on a 24-hour strike and hundreds demonstrated against the rescue deal that could bring more years of hardship but should avert greece's financial crisis. banks have been closed for two weeks now and they'll remain so at least through thursday. cnbc's michelle caruso-cabrera is live. >> we're going to expect another protest in the next couple of hours because members of parliament are in the building you see behind me and they are going to vote late tonight on a
6:37 am
whole package of measures that they have to implement in order to negotiate with the european union and creditors to get roughly $80 billion euros worth of bailout money to keep paying their bill and support the government. all of that being said despite all of the dissent you mentioned, jose the fact of the matter is it looks like the prime minister has the votes to get this thing passed. he may lose a parliamentary majority which is a particular thing to europe. may have to reshufl the cabinet, but it looks like the vote is going to pass. >> if it passes when does this -- what's the next step? >> so the next step is there is very short term injection of roughly 7 billion euros that will come to greece which they immediately have to turn and give to the european central bank and imf and sit down and begin a real negotiation process about what would be in a three-year package where they get money disbursed to them
6:38 am
every couple of months provided they do certain things such as reforming all of the regulations that they have here. so many regulations that the economy doesn't function very well. as long as they reform the pension system and tax system. every single time they do that they'll get more money. if they don't come up with any sort of agreement, it's going to be catastrophic because the banks will probably remain closed that entire period. the economy will get worse and worse. if they don't come to a deal they would be leaving the euro. >> michelle caruso-cabrera in athens thank you. you know that because you're practically living there. unbelievable tale of survival taking a huge step forward. a 16-year-old autumn veitch is waking up at home for first time after surviving a plane crash in washington state. two days in rugged terrain. she's recovering while surrounded by family. >> she's been through a lot.
6:39 am
i guess -- i can't believe she went through all she did. >> to have a survivor come through this is -- it's just a miracle, no question about it it's a miracle. >> nbc's hallie jackson has more on this amazing story of courage and resilience. >> reporter: this morning autumnought autumn veatch is home. she spent 48 hours in the woods alone fighting her way through trick thick trees to civilization. >> she's amazing, remarkable. sh the courage and will to continue on when you know she was in a very scary situation. >> the 16-year-old sounded calm when speaking to a 911 operator after two hikers found her on a rural highway drove her to a convenience store. >> we crashed and i was the only one that made it out. >> are you injured at all?
6:40 am
>> yeah i have a lot of burns on my hands and i'm like kind of covered in bruises and scratches and stuff. >> reunited with her dad at the hospital autumn asked for something special, chicken mcnuggets what friends call her comfort food. >> it's amazing to see her in good spirits and she's going to be processing. it's going to take it hour by hour, day by day. we want to be there for her. it's been amazing. it is a miracle what happened. >> reporter: overnight search crews found wreckage in the woods not far from where she was found but haven't been able to reach the crash site to identify the plane or any victims. the local sheriff says autumn burned her hands trying to pull her step grandparents to safety. doctors gave the teen a clean bill of health but said it will take time for her to recover from the exhaustion after the two-day hike to safety. >> nbc's hallie jackson reporting. up next donald trump is making
6:41 am
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enterprise more agile, borderless and secure. hp helps business move on all the possibilities of today. and stay ready for everything that is still to come. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit the issue of immigration back in the headlines courtesy of donald trump. reiterateing that he will win the latino vote and he loves mexicans, he doesn't love their leaders. >> the problem we're having with mexico is that their government officials and negotiators are
6:45 am
far smarter than hours, like from a different planet. friends, thank you both for being with me. let's start with you, victoria when he says the u.s. is getting the shortened of the stick. what is he talking about? >> what planet is donald on? if you know anything about mexican politics you know the past couple of years have seen blunder after blunder and tragically violent episode after violent episode in mexico. he's also incorrect. if you think about who gets the short end of the stick with regards to trade deals arguably mexico as a result of nafta has suffered economically so much. that is why mexicans have had to i am great to the united states. i do not know what planet donald
6:46 am
is on. >> whatever planet julio, he's on, he's resonating he's up in the polls and he continues to talk about the issue. what do you see when you see -- look at this latest poll. trump, 17 bush 14. the other ones are in single digits. what is this about? >> it gets back to primary voters and the republican message and the fact that it does get to the extreme and all of the lessons or the failures of 2012 when i see poll numbers like this they just have not been absorbed by the republican party and they've allowed trump to own this narrative now and it's kind of too late now. i actually believe that no matter what happens, whether trump gets the nomination or not, i actually think he is such a presence now and such a big problem that the big elephant in
6:47 am
the room no pun intended that he's going to run no matter what. we might be looking at the next ross perot here. >> julio, you're saying his narrative has been allowed. i don't think that you allow donald trump to do anything. he is pretty much on his own, says what he wants and i mean is there any allowing julio, of donald trump on this? >> i think there's kplis it -- i think the republican party has done a really poor job in reacting to these statements. i do agree with my he steamed colleague from austin. i don't know what he's talking about with mexico. now it's like you know it's mexico castro latino -- it's just bizarre. but what's interesting in all of this is that someone like governor walker who announced i believe yesterday is also
6:48 am
talking about immigrants need to go back home if they are not here legally. so this whole issue of all of the self-deportation lessons are -- >> yeah yeah it's still the message of the republican party and i'm sitting here going, wow, like, they already lost the latino vote? >> bush who said he wasn't going to deal with the issue yesterday decided to deal with trump once again. what's going on there briefly? >> i think this is the beginning of pushback. and i know julio and i differ here. i think the republican party is laying low right now but ultimately they know they cannot let donald run loose as we get closer and closer to the election. the poll you cited earlier had donald trump at 17%. but if you read further, when you're matched up with donald trump and hillary clinton, hillary clinton wins by 17%. the gop is not going to sit back and say, okay we're going to let donald take the nomination
6:49 am
and be totally creamed in the general election. we're going to see as we go further and get closer to november 2016 the gop get behind bush. that's what i'm thinking. >> victoria and julio, thank you both. we're talking about planets, later on we'll talk about something real interesting. thank you both for being with me. these pictures of the result of a nine-year nasa mission, photos of pluto beamed back to earning. what planet is trump on? this is planet pluto, more on what we can learn from all of this straight ahead on "the rundown." there's jay, one of my favorite guests, we're going to talk about pluto and life outside of earth and a whole lot more.
6:50 am
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6:53 am
history of space exploration. pluto has long been an icy mystery until now. this is how we used to see pluto in pictures, pixels over a dark background. look how we see it today, a new photo in the nine-year mission. a spacecraft has been flying around for nearly a decade in order to fly by pluto. author of the book, "neal armstrong, a life of flight." tell me how exciting this picture thing is. >> it's the capstone of the usa's exploration of interplanetary space. we have now visited all of the planets, the nine -- they say pluto is a dwarf planet -- but the nine in our solar system. it is so far away 3 billion miles, that it takes four and a half hours to send a transmission back at the speed of light, 186,000 miles per
6:54 am
second, just to get here. yesterday when it arrived, it shut off transmitting anything to us and started gathering anything it could, and then it got on board and then the pictures, and it's still going. and last night it phoned home just a little before 9:00 eastern time and said all is okay, we did the job, we got everything, it's all on board. but the thing is jose it's going to take 16 months until the fall of 2016 to send back all the information it collected about pluto. and we won't get the pictures first because if scientists need all the scientific information they can get. and the feat is so devastating. if you can think about it this way. think of a scientist at the johns hopkins lab in baltimore where they're controlling this flight think about a scientist going out and hitting a golf ball that goes all the way across the country to pebble
6:55 am
beach on the pacific coast for a hole-in-one. now, how is that for accuracy? >> unbelievable. jay, talk to me about what we're finding so far. you and i have talked about potentially man going to mars living there on mars but there is the possibility of life on other planets. have we found anything of significance yet? >> we have found planets out there in what we call the goldilock planets, but they would take you 430 years to get out there, even traveling from here at the speed of light, so they are out of the question. what they are trying to do is find someplace that humankind can go when eventually earth says hey, i can't handle you anymore, you have to get the hell off. we don't know when it could be a lot earlier than we think, but we've got to have a place to go if mankind is going to survive jose, and we're looking at
6:56 am
possibilities on europa one of jupiter's moons, there's things that are closer and we got to have a place to go jose. >> that's right. nbc jay barbree, always a pleasure to speak to you. >> thank you, jose. coming up on the run down we go back to the white house as president obama tries to sell the idea not only to congress but to the american public. four americans being held in iran for years. i'll talk to montel williams about the fight to have them released. chicago declares joaquin "el chapo" guzman public enemy number one. i'll talk about the impact guzman has had on the drug problem in his state and the country. stay with me.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
making his case to congress on the nuclear deal with iran. he got some help when vice president biden met with the house behind closed doors. biden is confident they will like it when they understand it. they meet at 1:00 p.m. eastern time today to talk about the deal. he gave a preview to "new york times" tom friedman. >> we have cut off every pathway for iran to develop a nuclear weapon, the pathway of enriched uranium. they have to remove 98% of the enriched uranium they have. they have to remove the majority of their cascades and for ten years they are the most severe constraints, and then beyond that they still have to sign up to an additional protocol that ensures we have the most intrusive inspection regime that's ever been created. >> at the same time congress prepares to review the deal the
7:01 am
u.n. security council is doing the same. today the u.s. is expected to circulate a draft resolution that would lift sanctions on iran with a vote expected next week. nbc's peter alexander has more at the white house. peter, good morning. tell me what the president and the administration is trying to do to sell this deal to congress. and the public. >> jose that's a good question. i think that clip you played of the conversation, 45 minutes of that conversation between the president and "new york times" columnist thomas friedman gives us a good glimpse on part of this effort the part of the strategy going forward. we expect to hear the president about 1:00 today defending this agreement. he said to friedman it's the most definitive path by which iran will not get a nuclear weapon. he also said -- he hit back against the charge that the u.s. has failed to use all of its leverage in the course of this negotiation. he said there was consensus throughout the world to put those sanctions in place to prevent iran from getting a nuclear weapon but the consensus does not exist to preclude iran from having access
7:02 am
to nuclear power. we expect to hear from the president a little bit later today. friedman said very clearly the desire of this administration, members of this administration have said to us also privately is to have americans analyze this versus what any potential alternative might have been. >> and partyeter, it's also important to point out it's not a treaty it's an agreement, and it's the united states plus five that have agreed with iran on this. so the congress has a role. they have 60 days to review it but the president essentially is pretty confident that he's got enough for a veto-proof issue on this. >> i think that's the case. the president obviously recognizes he has to sell this not just to congress but to the american people. the american people while distrustful of iran are in support of a peaceful agreement that congress will be more inclined, he suspects and administration members of supporting this right now.
7:03 am
in order to override a veto it's going to take about 13 senate democrats and 24 house democrats. there may be 14 democrats that will be inclined to vote with republicans, but white house officials here are pretty confident that as it stands right now, they would not have the votes necessary to override any veto by this president. >> peter alexander at the white house, thank you very much. a reminder we'll have coverage of president obama's news coverage coming up at 1:00 p.m. eastern time right here on nbc. on the streets of tehran, the deal has been welcomed with celebration. raising of the flag and cheers for the foreign minister. prime minister rouhani called it a political deal for iran. ali rousi joins me this morning. in this country, the united states, we're talking about the
7:04 am
skep skepticism of the deal. is that different in iran. >> reporter: very different, jose. it's being widely accepted by the people here. the head of the parliament said this is a good deal it was good for iran and it's been endorsed by the supreme leader. he put his backing behind this deal so nobody is going to go against that. people here are very happy about this deal and governments are happy about this deal and on the streets of tehran as you just showed people are ecstatic about this deal. they poweredured out into the street. the foreign minister negotiated this deal in vienna. this government which was on the ropes in 2009 after the disputed election, they turned it around 180% and today people like rouhani and zarif are being treated like national heroes. this country and the government are very content right now. jose? >> the media has played a very strong role there in supporting the government that's been in power since 1979 in this victory
7:05 am
that they are calling it. let me ask you, what are the people in iran hoping to get out of these changes that they hope will occur? >> reporter: well they want economic prosperity more than anything else here. they want iran to come in from the cold. they want iran to join the world community. when we were out last night on the streets, enjoying this spontaneous celebration, nothing was organized, and there was just hope and good will and wanting to make friends with the international community. there was no threat to america or any other country like that. in fact people were joining us crowding around us saying that we love obama, because they were just so happy about this deal and they thought that this is going to really change their future going forward. iranians are tired of being isolated. they're tired of economic and social isolation, and they think this could really change their fortune.
7:06 am
>> we just lost the satellite transmission with him. we got the last part of your comments and i very much appreciate it. we lost you there on the satellite feed. thank you. coming up, i'm going to talk to a member of the foreign relations committee to talk about what he thinks of the deal. i'm going back here to mexico. authorities have released brand new video showing the famous drug lord "el chapo" guzman making his break from a supermax prison last week. you see him crouching behind a partition in the shower area out of the camera's view. he goes in there and never comes back out. behind that partition a hole that leads to an underground tunnel authorities say he used to escape. nbc's mark potter got a firsthand look inside this cell. >> the thing that's so impressive here is how sophisticated this is, how well built. you can see the beams, these are steel. there are wood beams. there is electricity. there's a lynch, there are lights and there's a stairway
7:07 am
that goes down here to a very deep trench and a tunnel that then heads out toward the prison. >> mark potter joins me live from the prison where "el chapo" escaped from. mark, good morning. what was it like inside that place? >> reporter: well we got into the entrance of the tunnel -- we went through a hole that was about a foot and a half by two feet, so we kind of had to squeeze in a little bit. we went down some steps and got into an anteroom then we looked down a hall that was 19 meters and there was steps that went down there and then you could see the tunnel that headed off to the jail. it was interesting to me to see just how well constructed this tunnel was. this is definitely a professional job. they didn't cut corners at all. these people knew exactly what they were doing. it had amenities, if you will for people in the tunnel. the big generator for the ventilation and the electricity. this was clearly done by
7:08 am
engineers. this was done by people who knew what they were doing, and they came from a house over here a mile away and they made it into a maximum security prison into an area this big inside the prison a very specific area and a place out of camera range. they really had to know what they were doing to do that and everybody has said that they had to have inside help to make that happen. it was quite an engineering marvel and this organization the sinaloa drug cartel and it's no surprise this man went out on top. that man didn't walk out of jail, he rode out of jail. according to one of the authorities we talked to there was a motorcycle down there in the tunnel that had a cart attached to it and it went along a track the entire length of that tunnel. and what we are told when guzman came down out of his cell into
7:09 am
the tunnel he got on that cart and they drove him the length of the tunnel to the house a mile away, and he climbed up the set of steps and he popped out in this area in a perfectly constructed house where nobody could see him, and it was at night and they took off, disappeared. there is a manhunt in mexico and other countries, but he has stayed ahead of that manhunt and they're looking for him. they want him bad in the united states, and they want him in mexico, but so far he's in the wind. >> mark potter thank you very much. think of what it took to get, in a maximum security prison exactly knowing where the camera couldn't watch you go down a hole. just incredible, a marvel of engineering. thank you, mark. we're following also a developing -- look at that. there it is. you had to know exactly where that camera couldn't see you to go in -- this is a maximum security prison. and right now that's the video of him. he's already on that motorcycle heading out. we're following a developing story out of colorado this hour.
7:10 am
just an hour from now, jurors will start to decide whether an insanity defense is strong enough to keep james holmes out of prison. the fatal shooting of 12 people 70 others were injured. the shooting happened during the batman movie "the "dark knight" rises" how does a jury decide whether holmes was sane or insane? >> they have gotten very specific instructions on that jose. they only got these instructions yesterday, but there are specific definitions for insanity which is james holmes' only hope of avoiding prison or potentially the death penalty. if they find he was so mentally ill that he was incapable of discerning right from wrong, and we're not talking legal right from wrong, he may know he was committing a crime, but it's moral right from wrong, then he's insane. or if he had a mental disease that prevented him from performing forming what they call a culpable mental state, in other words, forming
7:11 am
the mental state to commit a crime. if they found him either of those, then they would find him not guilty by reason of insanity and he would be immediately taken to a mental hospital. if they find him guilty of any of these counts, then the trial goes on to a penalty phase that could determine whether he gets the death penalty or life in prison. lots more ahead on "the rundown." right now on "nbc nightly news," anchor lester holt is interviewing benjamin netanyahu about the nuclear deal. plus happening now on capitol hill. federal reserve chair janet yellen testifying on the stability of the u.s. economy and giving us a glimpse of when interest rates could rise something that affects all americans taking out loans, mortgages and a whole lot more. those stories coming up on "the rundown," next. stay with us. pted him. when my back pain flared up, we both felt it. i tried tylenol but it was 6 pills a day. with aleve
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7:15 am
some of today's other top stories are a former guard in an auschwitz death camp has been convicted on 300,000 counts of murder. a former sergeant is now facing four years in prison. he testified that he gathered prisoners' baggage and collected money stolen from them upon their arrival. prosecutors argued that was enough to aid in their deaths. the defense approved the verdict. the coast guard was called in to rescue a charter boat overnight. 70 crew members were rescued. the boat became stranded on a sandbar. it was later freed at high tide and returned back to its dock.
7:16 am
a travel camera captures a dramatic moment a small plane makes an emergency landing on a new jersey highway over the weekend. the plane was carrying students from the east coast skydiving school when it lost power on sunday. the pilot landed safely on the grass median between the east and westbound lanes and managed to avoid all vehicles. there was only one minor injury on board. for the first time disney is giving us a glimpse of what its first theme park on mainland china will look like. they revealed the model of the new shanghai park yesterday scheduled to open next spring. the $5.5 billion resort will include 16 section including mickey avenue tomorrowland and an area where visitors can interact with star wars characters and other movies. up next the battle for your spending dollars. it's amazon versus walmart, and it's happening right now. we'll explain. but first take a look at this. strong storms outside atlanta tuesday. knocked down trees and damaged
7:17 am
homes. a bolt of lightning caught on camera striking a streetlight, causing a flash of light and a shower of sparks. people in the atlanta region are bracing for a chance of more thunderstorms today. carpenters and even piano tuners... were just as simple? thanks to angie's list now it is. start shopping online... ...from a list of top rated providers. visit today. hey america, still not sure whether to stay or go to your people? ♪ well this summer, stay with choice hotels twice and get a $50 gift card you can use for just about anything. go you always have a choice. book now at when the moment's spontaneous, why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates
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of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? is. a lot of you checking your money at this time. the panel watching closely for signals about when interest rates could rise. as you see, the numbers are up just over ten points this morning. cnn's margaret brenner joins me for more. does greece have an impact on us? >> it does but fed chair janet yell yell yellen saying the stocks remain
7:21 am
on track. chair yellen stating that the u.s. had made progress but the labor market conditions are not, quote, yet consistent with maximum employment. also going to your question that turmoil abroad for example, greece, also challenges in china unlikely to throw the economy here off track, so stocks are trading slightly positive as she speaks before lawmakers. now, in terms of greece that country's $95 billion bailout deal heading to parliament today which is comprised of an array of reforms meant to stave off dropping the euro. the international monetary fund again saying greece's debt is unsustainable and that that country needs debt relief. certainly more drama unfolding in greece today, but according to yellen it doesn't seem to be affecting the potential expectation of a rate increase later this year. >> and so back at the u.s. a major battle between amazon and
7:22 am
walmart. tell me a little bit about that. >> okay. we're going to call this the digital turf war. amazon celebrating its 20th anniversary with prime day today. it says it's offering more deals than black friday but it's only doing it for its prime members who pay $99 for unlimited free shipping. not to be out done walmart announced that when it heard about prime day, it offered free shipping for orders over $30. walmart said quote, we heard people are paying $90 to get to a sale and amazon firing back that they have more deals. i've seen things like electronics more on walmart's site versus amazon. we'll see how it unfolds. meanwhile, they're battling customers. turning back now to a
7:23 am
nuclear deal with iran the president is trying to get senate and congress approval. dozens of house and senate democrats would need to join. senator chris murphy is here with us. senator, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> you said you wanted time to review the deal but first glance, what are your first impressions? >> first glance is this looks very much like the framework they announced a few months ago, something which i supported. i don't see anything right now that would cause me to oppose it. in fact, at this point i would liking be a supporter of it. and republicans who have come out in opposition to it many of which did so before they even read it really have the obligation to explain what theiraltheir alternative would be given the deal was on the table and all
7:24 am
our allies were supporting it. it doesn't seem realistic that we could put back in place sanctions that we could get another bite at the apple, and ultimately the american public just doesn't want to put us on a pathway tie nuclear iran or a potential armed conflict with them. this has got to be a debate about the agreement, but it also has to be a debate about the real life consequences about the united states, congress rejecting it which could spiral to real catastrophe in the region. >> were you surprised it also dealt with non-nuclear proliferations, like the arms embargo? >> the arms embargo was put in place as a sanction against a nuclear proliferation. so a lot of us said if this got non-nuclear sanctions, it would lose support. whether we like it or not, the u.n. arms embargo was put in place to sanction their nuclear weapons program. now, the u.s. arms embargo will stay in place because that was operative on some of their other activities in the region.
7:25 am
it's really important to make sure we make a distinction between the sanctions that were put in place because of the nuclear program and others that will stay there and can frankly be increased if we see that after the deal is put in place there is even more support for iran in groups like hezbollah. if their track record gets even worse, there is nothing in thatth deal that stops iran or the united nations to ratchet up sanctions to press the issues. >> you saidthe administration keeps talking about the snap-back provision, that means if iran reanythingre reneges, they can snap back the sanctions in place. is that realistic? >> it is. if we have evidence there is co covert military operations happening on the site and iran doesn't give us access to that site, then the sanctions would snap back into place, and they snap back only with the p5 plus
7:26 am
1 supporting it. even if russia stood on the outside, the sanctions would go back in place at the full level they were in before the deal was signed. i think that's as strong as it's going to get. there were signs that iran was going to cheat, but if the inspections were what the administration said they were we're all reading the deal to make sure, then i think we have a really good shot to catch them if they cheat and to level new sanctions on them if we find that to be the case. >> and do you think that their record on supporting terrorist organizations, terrorist groups the dictatorship in syria, if that continues there really isn't anything in this agreement that has any teeth to it. is there something that separately should be done to deal with iran's support of terrorist organizations? >> well you need to support this agreement i think, if you're a member of the senate because it is going to take a nuclear weapons path away from iran. but you can also hope that it's
7:27 am
going to be a larger victory for the moderates. they are such that we can now talk to them about their other nefarious activities in the region. but yeah i think we still have to have a conversation about increasing sanctions potentially in the future if they continue to support bashar al assad's murder sanctions inside syria. all of those sanctions would be worse if a year from now iran announced they had a nuclear weapon. if they were to hover in the nuclear weapons umbrella that would be a disaster for the world, and to that respect, this agreement makes the region safer even if they are to continue their support for some of these awful terrorist organizations. >> senator, always a pleasure to see you. thank you for being with me. >> thanks a lot. we just got this in to msnbc. new reaction from benjamin netanyahu after the new deal was struck. news anchor lester holt spoke
7:28 am
with him just moments ago. here's a first look at that interview. >> mr. prime minister i would like to begin by asking you about your conversation with president obama yesterday. can you give us the essence of what you told him? >> you know i respect president obama and we can respectfully disagree. i thought and i said that this deal poses a great danger to israel. i believe it poses a great danger to america and the world. when you let the number one terrorist regime in the world have a sure path to the bomb and hundreds of billions of dollars with which to finance its terrorism around the world, that's not good for any of us. >> do you think that the relationship between israel and the u.s. has been fractured? do you feel the president has betrayed you on this issue? >> look i think we have a disagreement and i appreciate the alliance with the united states, the support that we receive from the president, the
7:29 am
congress and the american people but we have a disagreement. we think this is not merely a threat to us we think it's a threat to you as well. just five days ago, this so-called moderate president of iran was at a rally in tehran in which they burned american flags, was chanting "death to america." the iranians kill more americans than al qaeda. they are building missiles to reach every parts of the united states. the supreme leader of iran said just the other day, he said the battle of the united states will continue even after the deal. for them we're the little thing. they're the great thing. now i think they're being empowered to conduct that battle and i think this is bad for us for you and the world. >> are you going to continue to make that point to members of the u.s. congress. will you be lobbying congress to reject this deal? >> look i'm making that point
7:30 am
to anyone who will listen. i'm making it to you now. i have to tell you, it's not just my opinion, we had a session in which i and the commission leader expressed our opposition to this deal. this cuts across israel. it's not part of a mission in israel t shouldn't be part of a mission in the united states and let me tell you something else. it cuts across arabs in the middle east. most of the arab leaders, whether privately or publicly, think that this is very dangerous to them, too, and i would advise this. it doesn't happen very often in history, but when arabs and israelis agree, it's worth paying attention. >> those in congress who call themselves friends of israel will you be making a special appeal to them? >> i'm making a special appeal to everyone who is concerned with the future of our world. because i think that iran is
7:31 am
different. it is a zealot country. it is a country governed by a group that believes in militant islamic fundamentalism. it has killed a lot of americans. it's killing everyone in sight in the middle east. it's in yemen, it's around our borders. it's got a network that accomplishes 30 countries. the head of this terrorist arm some of the sanctions are removed from the head of the terrorist force that propels this terrorism around the world. i think this is a big mistake. and i think that iran has two paths to the bomb. one is if they keep the deal and the other is if they cheat on the deal. they can cheat on the deal because inspections are not anywhere any time as foreign minister of iran zarif has said accurately. you don't have inspections within 24 hours, you have 24
7:32 am
days before you can inspect any site that you find suspicious in iraq. 24 days. can you imagine giving a drug dealer 24 days' notice before you check the premises? that's a lot of time to flush a lot of meth down the toilet. >> you've made it clear that israel is not bound by this agreement. what does that mean in practical terms? do you reserve the right to attack unilaterally to take some kind of military action. >> well it means that when you have a regime that calls for a destruction, including in the last few days that says the they're wiped off the face of the earth, we'll take any moves to defend ourselves. >> the president has stated that you don't want iran to have any nuclear capabilities at all. his point is that involves eliminating the presence and knowledge of nuclear technology and his argument is that's not going to happen. does that make sense?
7:33 am
>> look i think there is a difference. you can have a pilot, but without a plane you can't fly. i think iran has been a big airplane with which to fly, and in ten years all the limitations on production of sencentrifuges will disappear, they'll be able to make all kinds of bombs, so i think that's ridiculous. i think the sanctions in 2012 have been effective. i think these sanctions would have forced iran to choose. they had to choose basically, between lifting the sanctions and truly rolling back their nuclear capability. and not for a temporary time but forever. they were given both. effectively they were given both the relief from the sanctions, keeping their infrastructure and allowing it to expand within a few years.
7:34 am
the hard line is iran scored a tremendous victory because they're giving their yellow cake, can have it and eat it too. >> do you think the president is being naive? based on your arguments, do you think he's being naive? >> i think we have an honest disagreement. i think the question, really is what is the nature of the israel regime? i thought the right deal would have lifted restrictions on iran's nuclear program only if we saw a perceptible change in iran's behavior. that's essentially what i said in my speech to the u.s. congress. in fact, there is no change in iran's behavior. they can continue their aggression, their terrorism worldwide, their subversion in so many countries and so many lands. in fact, they're going to get $100 billion to change the team.
7:35 am
there's -- iran wants to look up aggression on terror and they get they have the nuclear infrastructure within about a decade. i think we simply disagree on this. but it's not only me it's so many of the arab leaders here and israel and the other countries, our fate is most directly affected by this deal. but so is your fate because remember iran says a real nemesis is the united states of america. to give a supremacist regime of our time access to nuclear weapons down the line access to the capacity to make a very large nuclear arsenal with zero breakup time in a few years, and money to finance terrorist
7:36 am
today, i think that's a beg, big mistake. >> prime minister netanyahu, i want to thank you very much for your time. it was good speaking with you, sir. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. and much more on tonight's "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. up next escaped drug lord "el chapo" guzman named public enemy number one. i'm going to discuss ties with the windy city in just a moment. totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit when you're not confident your company's data is secure the possibility of a breach can quickly become the only thing you think about. that's where at&t can help. at at&t we monitor our network traffic so we can see things others can't.
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7:40 am
it was sold throughout the midwest, the mideast and parts of canada. he is called one of the most dangerous criminals of the world. >> we need to have the concerted effort of both the mexican government and u.s. government in recapturing mr. guzman before he's able to dig himself into a worm hole somewhere never to be found again. >> joining me now is democratic congressman of illinois whose district includes illinois. talk to me about how "el chapo's" drug cartel has directly impacted chicago. >> the murder rate in chicago is fueled by the war on our streets about who is going to be able to distribute drugs, the drugs that obviously come channeled through the mexican cartels. 80% of the cocaine that comes into chicago comes via "el chapo's" drug cartel. it just seems to me that the war
7:41 am
on drugs, it doesn't have boundaries, right? i think the mexican government made a terrible terrible mistake when it decided that it would keep and not allow guzman to be extradited. look, we have our problems with our prison systems. people do escape from our prison systems. but they don't escape from maximum security prisons such as the one we have and they don't give people like this terrorist drug dealer guzman the ability to have resources in and around them. he should have been transported. it's 100,000 mexicans who have lost their lives and countless americans who lose their lives because of the drug epidemic that exists. >> congressman, do you think the united states was actually preparing to increase the number of extradition requests for guzman? the authorities here in mexico said we're not going to extradite him because we can
7:42 am
handle this. what does that say? what could be done in a country where impunity and corruption quite frankly, exist from a to z? >> look they should set their pride aside and enable their friends and their allies because we're in this together. again, mexican nationals die, american citizens die. guzman does not treat one better than the other. he cares not about any of the human beings living on one side or the other of the border but simply maintaining this corrupt criminal enterprise. and so i think they should say, you know there are things you can do better. not perfectly, you can do better in the united states and one of the things is to say you know all that infrastructure all that corrupt system you've been able to develop, all those allies and friends that you have in mexico? you don't have them in colorado. you don't have them throughout the united states, so we'll take them and we'll work together. because in the end, getting guzman is a victory for the
7:43 am
people of mexico and the united states. we shouldn't be looking at this asty territorial tya territorial issue. >> congressman, always a pleasure to have you. thank you for joining me. >> thank you. what is not a chiefpart of the breakthrough. montel williams, next. we enacted the lowest corporate tax rate since 1968. we eliminated the income tax on manufacturers altogether. with startup-ny, qualified businesses that start, expand or relocate to new york state pay no taxes for 10 years. all to grow our economy and create jobs. see how new york can give your business the opportunity to grow at shopping for a used car is so intimidating. i mean, you feel like you have to be this expert negotiator to get a fair deal. i hate to haggle.
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7:47 am
pressures off iran. people look at iran as this negative place or this negative country. >> what we want for negotiations is at the very least hope for the people of iran. it's something the youth, even the adults have something they can cling to something they can hope for. >> while the nuclear deal is getting mixed reaction over what's in the agreement, some are criticizing it for something that was left out, the release of four american prisoners trapped in iran for years. the first three seen here are being held in iranian prisons under charges relating to state security. however, robert levinson was reported missing in 2007. few details have emerged about his captivity since. joining me now is tv host montel williams. montel, always a pleasure to see you, my friend. >> hi jose. how you doing? >> you've been calling attention to this issue for such a long time now. how do you feel about this deal?
7:48 am
>> i'm one of those people that has to say unequivocally, i'm not a nuclear physicist and neither are 90% of the people who are upon fifpontificating whether this is a good deal or bad deal. iran is asking to become a member of the international community again. they're stating that we're on the precipice of new relationships with the west and with the world. if that's true i'm glad our government bifurcated out our hostages from the deal but on the sidelines they're discussing it all the time. now that the deal is supposed to be made this should be the top priority in discussions post the deal. and that's where i'm not hearing a lot about it and where i think the families are concerned, i think a lot of your viewers know i've been working with the hedmani family to see
7:49 am
if we can get amir who is coming on his fourth year in prison in iran for doing nothing other than wearing an american uniform. >> i remember the last time we chatted, you were heading over to london and other countries in europe to talk about this issue. you know what and i don't know if you got a chance to hear senator murphy on the broadcast earlier today. he was saying look there is a channel of communication open. iran wants to or should want to join the world of civilized nations and something like the hostages are something that this channel of communication could help on. >> and i agree. but i think what has to happen is that our government has to raise this to the same level. why not have a conversation today and say, from secretary kerry, look we're happy with the deal we were able to put in place, but now that that's in place, we've stated all along that we were going to separate the issue of our prisoners away from this deal. now that that's done we want to make this the number one priority for our relationship
7:50 am
with iran? and iran should say the same thing back to say, look we really do want the world to respect us we want the world to understand that we are in this for the long haul and part of that is to be a good shepherd of a relationship that's fledgling and let go the prisoners that they've been holding who should not have been held or even been a part of this conversation to begin with. >> montel, maybe a lot of people who don't know the reality of that regem that'sime that's been in power since 1979 or know how a authorize tear --it works, why are they facing charges there? >> the charges are made up and fictitious. if you look at amir himself, amir served in the u.s. military. they put him in prison for ten years for cooperating with what they call a hostile government.
7:51 am
remember, they just made a deal with this government and said we are now working on brand new relationships to ease the tension. well how do you ease the tension between two new partners in a better way than releasing prisoners who have been really at the middle of the entire conversation? i say the middle on the sidelines. so i don't see how -- you know we do know that this deal is probably going to go ahead and move forward. maybe what we're not privy to is the fact that over the next 30 days or 60 days there may be a deal in place to release them. but until we hear that for sure we need to see the rhetoric on our side and the world's side increase. raise the level of the conversation to say, look now that this has done let's have the conversation that you said you didn't want to include in the nuclear talks. it's a discussion about our four prisoners. it's time to let them go. >> let's hope that happens. montel williams thank you for being with us. >> can i ask you one thing,
7:52 am
jose? >> sure sure. >> please make sure everybody goes up on #freeamirnow, and if you can, go to give forward and help his family out. thanks, jose. up next these stunning images are a result of a nine-year nasa mission beaming photos of pluto back to earth. more giant leaps in space exploration when "the rundown" comes right back. well, well. if it isn't the belle of the ball. gentlemen. you look well. what's new, flo? well, a name your price tool went missing last week. name your what, now? it gives you coverage options based on your budget. i just hope whoever stole it knows that it only works at so, you can't use it to just buy stuff? no. i'm sorry, gustav. we have to go back to the pet store. [ gustav squawks ] he's gonna meet us there. the name your price tool. still only at
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we are talking about space on the run down and nasa did some cool things sending a spacecraft to pluto, sending back photos of the dwarf planet. five things giant leaps in space. the moon's first man on the
7:56 am
moon. number four, the hubble telescope launched in 1990 brings back incredible images all high resolution. number 3, the mars rover. it explores the surface of the planet. no life found yet. number 4, first spaceman alex shepherd becomes the first man to travel space when he landed in cape canavaral, florida. john glenn holds two space records. he became the oldest to travel in space when he returned at 77 years old, and he was also a senator and a colonel in the marine corps. all five things space. we love space and we're looking for intelligent life up there. we'll probably see it here on the run down. that wraps up "the rundown" in mexico on msnbc. tamron hall is next.
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good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt for tamron hall. this is "news nation "." developing now, there is an all-out battle on the deal in iran and republicans are blocking the historic agreement at every turn. we need a president who will terminate that bad deal with iran on day one. >> we have legitimized iran being a nuclear threshold country, and that in itself creates huge instability in the region. >> we know the iranians are going to cheat. >> this is a terrible deal. anyone could have done better and you have taken a can of gasoline and thrown it on a fire as far as i'm concerned. >> vice president biden arrived on capitol hill


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